Bichromic breaker is a free mobile app on iOS and Android.

Bichromic Breaker is a breakout game that draws its inspiration from the best breakout games like Arkanoid and also brings a lot of new features.

Bichromic Breaker presents a powerful and hanging style. Destroy the bricks cyan when the ball is cyan and magenta bricks when the ball is magenta. Change the color of the ball by hitting a brick. Find the classic powers-up as multi-ball.
Unlock the 99 stages with no stress in Arcade mode or play against the best scores online or locally with Scoring game mode !

Features :
* A dynamic and addictive gameplay adapted to smartphones !
* Bricks, bricks, and bricks.
* Bonus to pick up.
* 99 cool and varied stages !
* An online score board .
* Great graphics and musical atmosphere !
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