Prototype - pixel platforms game
This is a prototype for a futur platformers game.
IllustrationUI/UXGraphic Design
Koloro - In progress
The game Koloro : in progress
Art DirectionIllustrationGraphic Design
Game concept and chara design
Several game concepts and chara design
Art DirectionGame DesignGraphic Design
Assets and chara design
Concept arts and chara design
Digital ArtGame DesignIllustration
Collaboration - mobile app - Epic Tap
épic tap is a mobile free app i've made in collaboration with a developper.
Digital ArtArt DirectionGraphic Design
Collaboration - mobile app - Tap Panic
Tap Panic is a free mobile game i've made in collaboration with a sound designer and a developper.
Art DirectionIllustrationUI/UX
Parfois - Hackathon 2016
The game for childrens i've made with my team during the Hackathon 2016 in Metz TCRM-Blida.
Computer AnimationDigital ArtGraphic Design
Global Game Jam 2016 - ToDays
ToDays : The game i've made with my team during the global game jam 2016.
Digital ArtArt DirectionUI/UX
My app : Bichromic Breaker
Bichromic Breaker is a free mobile app on iOS and Android.
ProgrammingArt DirectionGraphic Design
My app : Grow the flower
Hello world ! My app is now available on android for only 1.95€ ! You can find it on google app store : google play ! Right now, the SEO for the game is very bad and you can find it with searching Mevi on the google play. That's why i need you to improve my visibility. So, please share this app and have a lot of fun if you try it
Graphic DesignIllustrationMotion Graphics
My App : Goblin Rocket Rider
Goblin Rocket Rider is a free mobile app on iOS and Android.
IllustrationGraphic Design
Chickens - chara design
Chickens chara design
Digital ArtArt DirectionGame Design
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